Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions

EU funded Research Project

ABOUT the Research Project

Full title – Innovative Concrete Barriers for Forgiving Road Infrastructure

This research aims to develop a safer and more durable material for road barriers incorporating recycled resources, aiming to reduce road fatalities and road crash costs, while at the same time promoting sustainability.

ABOUT the Host Institution

CUT – Cyprus University of Technology

CUT was founded by law on December 2003 and welcomed its first students in September 2007. The Cyprus University of Technology aspires to develop itself into a modern, pioneering University able to offer education and high level research in leading branches of science and technology which have high impact on the economic, technical, and scientific sectors. With its orientation towards applied research, the University aspires to establish itself a role in support of the state and society in their efforts to confront problems, which cover all areas of science and technology. The Cyprus University of Technology is based in Limassol, CYPRUS. visit us on the web

ABOUT the Supervisors

Prof. Diofantos Hadjimitsis

Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs and Professor of Civil Engineering

Dr. Kyriacos Neocleous

Senior Researcher and Head of Eratosthenes’ Construction Innovation Unit

Prof. Kypros Pilakoutas

Visiting Professor, Professor of Construction Innovation at the University of Sheffield


ABOUT the Research Centre

Eratosthenes Research Centre

Eratosthenes is the largest research centre at the Cyprus University of Technology. The mission of the group is to conduct both basic and applied research towards improved understanding, management, and monitoring of natural resources and infrastructures and to offer expert services and products of excellent quality. The lab consists of members and a team of researchers in the fields of civil engineering, innovative materials, remote sensing, GIS, geo-informatics, meteorology, atmospheric sciences, environmental sciences, geology, archaeology, architecture, cultural heritage, urban design, marine sciences, transport, electrical engineering, public health, marine spatial planning, bluegrowth etc. visit us on the web